Active Transportation

The Alameda County Transportation Commission has historically invested in many different types of transportation networks. The Countywide Bikeways Network creates a new vision for a cohesive, consistent, and connected network of high-quality bicycle facilities throughout Alameda County.

It builds off priorities already identified in the agency’s past planning, including the Countywide Transportation Plan and the Countywide Active Transportation Plan found below to form a cohesive network of safe and comfortable bike routes of countywide importance. The Countywide Bikeways Network Summary Report describes the development process and background. Links to key implementation resources, including the network map, approved by the Commission on May 25, 2022 and the All Ages and Abilities Policy and Design Expectations are located below:

As part of the implementation of the Countywide Bikeways network, Alameda CTC is conducting a series of technical trainings and information exchanges for local jurisdiction and agency staff. This Bikeways Academy will include sessions on Phased Implementation of Bikeways, Operations and Maintenance, as well a discussion of the basics of design, along with other training opportunities.

For more information, please contact Chris G. Marks ( and Colin Dentel-Post (

2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

The Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans were adopted in October 2012 by the Alameda CTC Commission. The plans and plan maps can be viewed here: Vision System Maps only: North | Central | South | East Vision Network Maps only: North | Central | South | East

2001 and 2006 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans