Transit and Rail

Transit Projects

Since 2000, transit operators have used Measure B program funds to operate countywide mass transit services, including local and express bus services, and ferry services. The passage of the Measure BB in November 2014 augmented and extended transportation funding for transit operators through 2045.

Approximately $55 million in Measure B and Measure BB Direct Local Distributions are provided annually to Alameda County transit operators for service operations, fixed route services and fleet and infrastructure maintenance.

Service Operators

Rail Projects

The Alameda County rail system is a critical transportation link, moving both people and goods. Alameda County contains the core of the Bay Area/Northern California freight and passenger rail system, and there is growing demand for both freight and passenger service.

Significant growth is anticipated near rail infrastructure with many Priority Development Areas located near rail lines and stations making at-grade rail crossing safety of the utmost importance.