The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) is a joint powers authority that plans, funds and delivers transportation programs and projects that expand access and improve mobility to foster a vibrant and livable Alameda County. Alameda CTC also serves as the county's congestion management agency. It is governed by 22 elected officials representing all 14 cities in Alameda County, the five County Board of Supervisors and AC Transit and BART.

Alameda CTC manages the county’s voter-approved transportation expenditure plans for Measure B, Measure BB and the Vehicle Registration Fee and implements the projects and programs in the plans through policy, planning and funding decisions made in public meetings. Members represent the interests of their local constituents, as well as all residents of Alameda County who benefit from the investments included in the county transportation plans. Alameda CTC also has advisory committees that are open to the public and provide input. This enables local community members to be engaged in the transportation funding allocation process.

Alameda County taxpayer safeguards include independent audits, compliance reports and an Independent Watchdog Committee that reports to the public annually. All funds are spent locally to benefit residents and businesses in Alameda County.

Learn more at www.AlamedaCTC.org/Expresslanes or call 510.208.7499. A FasTrak® toll tag is required for all express lane users, and a FasTrak Flex toll tag is required for carpools to use the I-580 Express Lanes for free. Get yours at www.BayAreaFasTrak.org.

Find out more about all the programs Alameda CTC funds on the Projects and Programs page.

Alameda CTC regularly updates a long-range Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) and periodically develops more specific corridor and/or modal plans that feed into the CTP. Alameda CTC implements voter-approved transportation expenditure plans for Measure B, Measure BB and the Vehicle Registration Fee. Alameda CTC also produces the Comprehensive Investment Plan, which identifies anticipated transportation funding over a five-year horizon, strategically matches funding sources to targeted transportation investments and serves as the agency’s strategic plan and the Capital Improvement Program required of Alameda CTC as the congestion management agency for the county. The Congestion Management Program is updated every two years and sets forth the fundamentals for implementing the CTP. Alameda CTC also conducts special studies, maintains a Countywide Travel Demand Model to anticipate and forecast the potential impacts of local land development decisions on the major roadways in the county and, every two years, prepares a level of service report to determine congestion-related conditions on the county’s roadway system.