Measure B, Measure BB, and Vehicle Registration Fee projects or programs sponsors are required to publicly identify transportation improvements as a benefit of the voter-approved transportation funding programs. The designs below are suitable for a variety of projects and programs that sponsoring agencies can use to manufacture all the signs required. Click on the image thumbnail to view a high-resolution version of each sign or right click on the file name to download the file (.ai or .pdf). For more information about developing the signs, see the sign instructions.

Bicycle Project (customize with sponsor)

Bicycle Project (no sponsor)

Bicycle Project (customize with sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file
Bicycle Project (no sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file

Bus Program

Caltrans Project

Bus Program .ai file
.pdf file
Caltrans Project .ai file
.pdf file

Ferry Program

Paratransit Program

Ferry Program .ai file
.pdf file
Paratransit Program .ai file
.pdf file

Pedestrian Project (customize with sponsor)

Pedestrian Project (no sponsor)

Pedestrian Project (customize with sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file
Pedestrian Project (no sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file

Rail Program

Street Project (customize with sponsor)

Rail Program .ai file
.pdf file
Street Project (customize with sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file

Street Project (no sponsor)

Transit Project (customize with sponsor)

Street Project (no sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file
Transit Project (customize with sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file

Transit Project (no sponsor)

Transit Project (no sponsor) .ai file
.pdf file

Sign Instructions
These files are primarily intended for professional use and are available in two formats:

  • .ai file
  • .pdf file

You can customize files to your needs, by adding your local agency logo and a specific project name, as desired. The colors used on all the outdoor signs are Pantone® 2945 blue and white, unless otherwise noted. The aspect ratio on all of the outdoor project signs is 3 x 4.

Please note: These are vector-based files. You must have Adobe Illustrator or another vector-based graphic design program to manipulate them.