Senior and Disabled Transportation

In 2000, 10 years after Congress approved the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Alameda County voters renewed the county's commitment to improve mobility for all. The reauthorized Measure B increased the percentage of net revenue for transportation for older adults and people with disabilities (Special Transportation or Paratransit) from 1.5 to 10.45 percent. These revenues fund operations for ADA-mandated services and city paratransit programs. The revenues also fund a competitive discretionary grant program which funds projects and programs intended to reduce the differences in special transportation services available to individuals in different geographic areas of Alameda County and to address gaps in the transportation system.

In 2014, the passage of Measure BB further augmented funding to local cities and paratransit providers to continue transportation services through 2045.

Alameda CTC’s Paratransit Advisory and Planning Committee (PAPCO), an all-consumer community advisory committee, provides recommendations to the Commission for items related to Paratransit funding, including the discretionary grant program.

PAPCO is supported by the Paratransit Technical Advisory Committee (ParaTAC). Both Committees meet periodically throughout the year. To view a list of upcoming PAPCO and ParaTAC meetings, go to Alameda CTC's meeting calendar.

Alameda CTC paratransit Direct Local Distribution (DLD) fund recipients are required to submit to Alameda CTC an annual program plan and budget. The forms are due February 29, 2024.

The Annual Program Plan Review includes the following documents for FY 2024-25:
  1. Paratransit Program Plan Review Memo (PDF)
  2. Program Plan (DOCX)
  3. Budget Tables A-D (XLSX)
  4. Paratransit Implementation Guidelines and Performance Measures (PDF)
  5. Paratransit Direct Local Distribution (DLD) Funding Projections Memo (PDF)
  6. Timely Use of Funds Policy (PDF) (see Appendix E of the 2022 Comprehensive Investment Plan (Policy 3, page 158) for more information) (weblink)

Electronic submission: Submit both files (program plan and budget tables) via email by February 29, 2024 to Krystle Pasco at Hard copies are not required.

Alameda CTC is proud to support a range of transportation services and programs to support access throughout the county.

One great resource is the Access Alameda website, which helps individuals identify and connect with the accessible transportation services available in Alameda County, including public transit, ADA-mandated services, city paratransit programs, and community-based organizations that provide volunteer drivers and/or training on how to travel using these services.

Staff Contact
Krystle Pasco, Senior Program Analyst