North Alameda County Core Connections

The North Alameda County Core Connections Plan (NACCCP) assesses performance and identifies regionally significant projects in the area around West and Downtown Oakland, Emeryville and Southwest Berkeley, a highly trafficked area that connects Alameda County to the larger region. The NACCCP highlights projects that are designed to reduce congestion by providing access to sustainable, safe and efficient multimodal transportation options.

Building on the Countywide Transportation Plan and significant local planning work, the NACCCP brings projects together into one Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan (CMCP) to comprehensively advance state and regional goals by ensuring that projects are eligible and prioritized for funding from programs such as the Solutions for Congested Corridors Program.

The final plan was approved by the Alameda County Transportation Commission, the California Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the fall of 2022.