Countywide Transportation Plan

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) has kicked off an update to the Countywide Transportation Plan or CTP. This website will provide CTP updates as plan materials are developed.

What is the CTP?
Approximately every four years, Alameda CTC prepares a CTP that establishes a vision and goals for the transportation system in Alameda County, as well as recommends transportation project priorities and strategies that will achieve the vision and goals over time. The CTP is a long-range planning document that directly feeds into regional transportation plans produced by MTC/ABAG. Over the years, recommendations from past CTPs have also informed the agency’s funding and legislative advocacy, programming actions, capital project development, programs implementation and priorities for planning initiatives.

To better sync our countywide efforts with the regional transportation plan schedule and requirements, this current update to the CTP will be completed in 2026. This creates an opportunity for a two-phased development process for the next CTP that includes an initial policy phase followed by a CTP development phase.

The Policy Blueprint
Throughout 2024 Alameda CTC will establish the framework for the next CTP update through the Policy Blueprint. During the Policy Blueprint year issue areas and strategies of discussion will include:
  • Making Alameda County safer
  • Making Alameda County more equitable
  • Advancing clean transportation in Alameda County
  • Encouraging mode shift through land use and transportation demand management (TDM)
  • Encouraging mode shift through multimodal interstates
  • Encouraging mode shift through multimodal roadways and bicycle connections
  • Climate resilient Alameda County
  • Economically resilient Alameda County and goods movement
The 2020 Countywide Transportation Plan (2020 CTP) was adopted by the Alameda County Transportation Commission in November 2020, along with the Community-Based Transportation Plan and the New Mobility Roadmap. This plan was developed through nearly 2 years of engagement, technical analysis, and prioritization efforts for transportation in Alameda County. The final plan documents are linked below.

Transportation needs for all users were identified through previous planning efforts, new analysis, partner agency engagement, and community outreach. The identification of these needs occurred prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, which affected the health, economy, and travel patterns of Alameda County. These needs are documented within two documents: (1) the Needs Assessment Report (37MB) and (2) the Community-Based Transportation Plan (CBTP). During the final phase of public engagement in fall 2020, needs and priorities related to the pandemic were also captured, this is documented in the Outreach Report and in the Chapter 2 of the 2020 CTP.

Needs Assessment Report
The Needs Assessment documents countywide and local transportation needs for public transportation, walking, biking, driving, and goods movement. This assessment pulls together findings from a variety of reports and plans completed by the Alameda CTC over the last few years.

The following countywide needs serve as the foundation for the priority Project and Strategy recommendations described in the next tab. The most critical countywide transportation needs are relevant to all communities in Alameda County, including:

Assessment of critical needs.
Public engagement was essential to developing and refining every aspect of the 2020 CTP. Over 2,000 members of the public provided feedback on their transportation needs and priorities throughout development of the CTP. Feedback was requested and received through the following venues:

Countywide Poll (May 2019) Alameda CTC conducted a countywide survey on residents’ transportation needs and priorities in May 2019. The poll was representative of the county’s diverse population across planning areas and included a deliberate emphasis on gathering input from residents in low-income communities and communities of color to ensure their voices were heard.

CBTP Outreach (Oct 2019 – Feb 2020) Alameda CTC held “pop-up” events at high foot traffic locations or community events in low-income communities and communities of color between October 2019 and February 2020. Focus group interviews were conducted with community leaders and community-based organizations by phone in February 2020 to develop a full and nuanced understanding of transportation needs and priorities in low-income communities and communities of color.

Virtual Outreach (Aug – Oct 2020) Due to COVID-19, the final phase of outreach on the 2020 CTP was done virtually, relying on a survey, a virtual open house via the Alameda CTC website, and virtual focus groups across the county. Promotions were sent out to agency email lists and social media. Local agency partners helped promote the survey and webpage through their social media channels.

Public Meetings (Jan 2019 – Nov 2020) Public Alameda CTC Commission and Committee meetings discussing the 2020 CTP were held throughout the process, with materials posted ahead of time to the Alameda CTC website. At these meetings, elected officials and members of the public were able to help shape the overall approach, vision and goals, identification of transportation needs, and priorities for projects, programs, and strategies to be included as core recommendations.

Engagement revealed several recurring key issues and needs:
  • Improved safety for active transportation
  • More connected and affordable public transit
  • Equitable outcomes for low-income communities
  • Freeway congestion and commute options
  • Addressing climate change and air quality
  • High-quality roadways
More information on the outreach approach and findings for the 2020 CTP is included in the Outreach Summary Report.
Alameda CTC anticipates conducting community outreach in 2024 through 2025.

For questions on the plan, or to be added to the plan email list and learn about upcoming opportunities to provide input, contact
Alameda CTC Committee and Commission Meeting Materials
Below are key presentations and memoranda prepared as part of the 2026 CTP process. Materials will be updated as plan documents are developed.
Previous CTPs