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Roundabouts Video Simulation

This video simulates the path of a vehicle from the southbound I-80 Gilman Street off-ramp to Gilman and 2nd Streets in Berkeley. The existing stables and light poles of Golden Gate Fields are visible to the west, as the vehicle enters the proposed western roundabout. That roundabout re-directs the vehicle eastward onto Gilman Street, beneath I-80 to the second roundabout. As the vehicle heads further east on Gilman to 2nd Street, the green striping of the proposed two-way cycle track becomes visible.

I-80 Gilman Interchange Improvement Project

The proposed project will reconfigure the Interstate 80 / Gilman Street interchange, located in northwest Berkeley near its boundary with the City of Albany. The purpose of the project is to improve navigation and traffic operations on Gilman Street between West Frontage Road and 2nd Street through the I-80 interchange so that congestion is reduced, queues are shortened and merging and turn conflicts are minimized.

In addition to improving mobility through the Gilman street corridor, the project aims to close the gap in local and regional bicycle facilities through the I-80/Gilman Street interchange and provide access for bicycles and pedestrians traveling between the Bay Trail and North Berkeley.

The project is currently in the preliminary engineering and environmental phase. Check this web page for updates and upcoming events.

For project questions or to submit comments, please e-mail

2018 Public Meeting and Materials

A public information meeting was held on February 7, 2018 at Albany City Hall. See links to meeting documents below, and the project video (left).

2016 Open House and Project Materials

The public was invited to attend an Open House to learn about the project on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at the North Berkeley Senior Center. 

Video Simulations

At-grade Path Through I-80 Gilman Interchange Video Simulation

This video simulates the at-grade path of a pedestrian or bicyclist from Gilman and 2nd Streets through the I-80 Gilman Interchange to Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex (TBRSC). The traveler begins on the two-way cycletrack on Gilman Street and crosses 2nd Street, where the cycletrack transitions to a shared-use path. The traveler then crosses Eastshore Highway and the eastbound I-80 exit ramp before crossing beneath I-80, where there is fencing along the shared-use path. As the traveler continues west, the western roundabout and TBRSC come into view. The traveler then crosses the westbound I-80 entrance ramp and West Frontage Road to arrive at the playing fields and SF Bay Trail.

Southern Cycletrack Pedestrian/Bicycle Overcrossing Option Video Simulation

This video simulates the path of a bicyclist beginning at Gilman and 4th Streets along the two-way cycletrack on the south side of Gilman Street, continuing onto the Pedestrian/Bicycle Overcrossing (POC) crossing over I-80 south of Gilman Street and ending at Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex (TBRSC). As the westbound bicyclist approaches the railroad crossing, the striped buffer zone and parking between the cycletrack and vehicle travel lane are in view to the right. The bicyclist then crosses 2nd Street and travels along the shared-use path until crossing Eastshore Highway and turning south to ascend the eastern approach of the POC. As the bicyclist reaches the top of the POC and turns to the west, views of the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge can be seen, before the bicyclist descends the western approach of the POC which terminates between TBRSC and the San Francisco Bay Trail.