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Countywide Transit Plan

People rely on transit to get to work, school, medical appointments, community organizations and other important destinations. In Alameda County and throughout the region, transit riders want affordable, dependable service that is safe, provides seamless connections and reduces travel times.

Numerous transit operators in Alameda County provide residents and businesses with transportation to, through and beyond the county. Services include:

  • Buses and express bus service
  • Commuter rail
  • Ferries
  • Paratransit services for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Shuttles
  • Trains

Public transit provides alternatives to automobiles, promotes social equity, reduces greenhouse gases and supports sustainable community development. Short- and long-range planning can address transit connections, improve connectivity between transit modes and operators, and reduce transit travel times and improve access, particularly for low-income communities. Integrating transit and land use planning can provide better access to jobs and other destinations and increase economic growth.

Alameda CTC has developed a Countywide Transit Plan that enables Alameda County’s jurisdictions and transit providers to better align transit, land use and economic development goals and objectives. The plan identifies near- and long-term transit capital and operating priorities in the county, addresses American’s with Disabilities Act paratransit needs and services, as well as considers emerging technologies and the potential role that public and private shuttles might play in the transit network.


By developing consensus on a vision for future transit service in Alameda County as well as funding priorities, the Countywide Transit Plan enables Alameda CTC, local jurisdictions and transit operators to leverage existing and advocate for additional resources to improve local, regional and inter-regional transit serving Alameda County. Alameda CTC solicited plan input from local jurisdictions and transit operators, private industry groups, community groups and the public at-large.

The Countywide Transit Plan builds on recent transit planning efforts led by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission as part of the Transit Sustainability Project. Alameda CTC closely coordinated plan development with the 2016 Countywide Transportation Plan update as well as development of the Goods Movement Plan and Multimodal Arterial Corridor Plan

Countywide Transit Plan

The draft Countywide Transit Plan was approved by Alameda CTC in May 2016, and the final Countywide Transit Plan was adopted in June 2016.