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Countywide Goods Movement Collaborative and Plan

Goods movement is critical to a strong economy and to a high quality of life in Alameda County. Goods movement activities create a diverse array of jobs, provide residents and businesses with the products they need, and generate tax revenues to support crucial public investments. Despite tremendous benefits to residents and businesses, goods movement activities also have environmental and community impacts that must be considered and mitigated.

Alameda County is a goods movement hub for Northern California — serving as a gateway to the world for goods from the county, Bay Area, Northern California and even the Western U.S. — and supporting the local economy. Goods movement facilities in Alameda County include: 

  • The Port of Oakland and the Oakland International Airport.
  • An extensive network of interstate freeways and arterial roads.
  • Two major Class I railroads.
  • A variety of industrial, manufacturing, warehousing and other land uses.
  • The largest number of transportation-related jobs of any county in the Bay Area.

Alameda CTC is leading a Bay Area Goods Movement Collaborative which brings together partners, community members and stakeholders from across the county and region in an organized structure to understand goods movement needs and identify, prioritize and advocate for short- and long-term strategies to address these needs in Alameda County and the Bay Area. Alameda CTC also developed a Goods Movement Plan that outlines a long-range strategy for how to move goods efficiently, reliably and sustainably within, to, from and through Alameda County by roads, rail, air and water. 

Integrated countywide and regional approach

Because goods movement markets and supply chains frequently cross county lines, Alameda CTC has partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to jointly develop the Countywide Goods Movement Plan and the Regional Goods Movement Plan. The joint long-range plan development will ensure consistency between plans and enable outreach to a wider range of stakeholders from around the region and megaregion to provide a more complete picture of the goods movement system in Alameda County and the Bay Area.

Regional, state and federal goods movement planning

Alameda CTC coordinates Alameda County goods movement planning with goods movement planning at the regional, state and federal levels:

FASTLANE and Goods Movement

Alameda CTC's GoPort Project