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Contracting Forms

Procurement and Contracting Forms

  1. Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) - All Forms (URL) for:
    • Exhibit 10-A: A&E Consultant Financial Document Review Request Letter
    • Exhibit 10-H:
      • Exhibit 10-H1~H3: Sample Cost Proposal (Example #1 thru #3)
      • Exhibit 10-H4: Cost Proposal for Caltrans with Prevailing Wages
    • Exhibit 10-K: Certification of Financial Management System and Contract Costs
    • Exhibit 10-O1: Consultant Proposal DBE Commitment
    • Exhibit 10-O2: Consultant Contract DBE Information
    • Exhibit 15-H: DBE Information - Good Faith Efforts
  2. Caltrans Division of Local Assistance Office Bulletins (DLA-OBs) (URL) for:
    • DLA-OB 13-07R-Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rate for Consultant Contracts
      • Attachment 1R - SHR Consultant Certification of Eligibility: and Contract Costs and Financial Management System
      • Attachment 2R - SHR Questionnaire for Evaluating Consultant's Financial Management System
  3. Contract Cost Basis Forms (XLS)
  4. Cost Proposal Form A (Exhibit 10-H; see "Exhibit 10-H1~H3" from Caltrans LAPM - All Forms link above)
  5. Cost Proposal Form B (XLS) includes:
    • Form B-01: Breakdown of Costs
    • Form B-02: Expense Detail
    • Form B-03: Breakdown of Costs Summary
    • Form B-04: LBCE Program Participation Summary
    • Form B-05: Prime Consultant and Subconsultant Contact Information Form
  6. Debarment and Suspension Certification Forms:
  7. Exceptions to the Alameda CTC Sample Professional Services Contract Form (PDF)
  8. Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) Schedule (AASHTO):
  9. Internal Control Questionnaire (AASHTO) (DOC)
  10. Iran Contracting Act Form (PDF)
  11. Levine Act Statement Form (PDF)
  12. Non-Lobbying Certification Form (PDF)
  13. On-Call Services Request Form (DOC)
  14. Public Contract Code Statement Form  (PDF)
  15. SAMPLE Certificate of Insurance (COI) (PDF)
  16. SAMPLE Insurance Requirement Form (PDF)
  17. SAMPLE Professional Services Contract (PDF)
  18. Task Order Form (DOC)

Reimbursement and Reporting Forms

  1. Alameda CTC Consultant Budget Reallocation Request Forms (XLS)
  2. Alameda CTC Consultant Payment Request Forms (including Labor Approval) (XLS)
  3. Alameda CTC Consultant Progress Report Form  (DOC)
  4. Alameda CTC Project Sponsor Reimbursement and Reporting Forms (URL)
  5. Caltrans LAPM Forms (URL) 


If you have questions about completing these forms, please contact the Alameda CTC project manager listed under the contract, or the Alameda CTC point of contact for the procurement. For general questions, please contact E.W. Cheng at