Alameda CTC Delivers in 2022

Interstate 80/Gilman Street Interchange
This project will reconfigure the Interstate 80/Gilman Street interchange, located in northwest Berkeley near its boundary with the City of Albany. The purpose of the project is to improve navigation and traffic operations on Gilman Street between West Frontage Road and 2nd Street through the I-80 interchange so that congestion is reduced, queues are shortened and merging and turn conflicts are minimized.

Phase 1 of this project began in May 2021. In addition to improving mobility through the Gilman street corridor, the project aims to close the gap in local and regional bicycle facilities through the I-80/Gilman Street interchange and provide access for bicycles and pedestrians traveling between the Bay Trail and North Berkeley.

This project is being constructed in two phases:

  • PHASE 1: Pedestrian and Bicycle Overcrossing
  • PHASE 2: Interchange Improvements and Local Street Improvements; pedestrian and bicycle improvements through the interchange; Bay Trail gap closure; safety improvements at the Gilman/Union Pacific Railroad at grade crossing

Phase 1 is scheduled for completion in 2023; Phase 2 is scheduled for completion in 2024.

GoPort Program
GoPort is a program of projects to improve truck and rail access to the Port of Oakland, one of the nation’s most vital seaports. It consists of three components:

  • 7th Street Grade Separation West Segment (7SGSW). Improves access and minimizes conflicts between rail, vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Construction of 7SGSW, a critical piece to completing the Program, is yet to be determined.
  • 7th Street Grade Separation East Segment (7SGSE). Replaces an existing railroad underpass to increase clearance for trucks and improve a shared pedestrian/bicycle pathway. Construction on 7SGSE began in 2020 and is anticipated to end in 2023.
  • Freight Intelligent Transportation Systems (FITS) and Technology Master Plan. FITS is a suite of information technology projects that are state-of-the-art technology solutions that cost-effectively manages truck arrivals to the Port reducing emissions from idling and congestion in the West Oakland community. FITS, the initial suite of projects that have gone to construction is scheduled to be complete in May 2022.

Benefits for the GoPort program include:

  • Congestion relief: Upgrade technology and infrastructure to minimize and manage truck wait times, manage truck congestion, and improve traffic circulation
  • Efficiency: Improve Port and Rail Yard efficiencies, intermodal yard connectivity, and expand near-dock use of rail and intermodal facilities
  • Sustainability: Reconstruct Bay Trail segment on 7th Street and Maritime Street and reduce emissions/carbon footprint
  • Economic stimulation: Reduce shipping costs, improve Port competitiveness and create jobs