Significant Cost Savings Projected with Transfer of Sunol I-680 Express Lane Governance

Yesterday, the Sunol Smart Carpool Lane Joint Powers Authority (Sunol JPA), the governing board for the I-680 Sunol Express Lanes, voted to dissolve and transfer all contracts and assets to the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), a move anticipated to save close to $500,000 in government finances each year. Alameda CTC has served as the managing agency on behalf of the Sunol JPA since the Sunol JPA was established and also operates the I-580 Express Lanes under the governance of the Commission. Consolidating operations for both express lane facilities will result in a more efficient governance and administrative structure.

Up until the transfer, Alameda CTC managed express lanes on I-580 and I-680 under the oversight of two separate governing boards: Alameda CTC and the Sunol JPA. That meant significant duplication of activities and expenses. The Sunol JPA’s dissolution means I-680 Express Lane management will be consolidated under Alameda CTC. Transfer of I-680 Express Lane contracts and assets is expected to be complete by late spring or early summer of this year.

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