2014 Measure BB Transportation Expenditure Plan Amendments

On January 25, 2024, the Alameda CTC Commission voted to initiate a 45-day comment period for three amendments to the 2014 Measure BB Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP). The three proposed amendments are to projects in the Traffic Relief on Highways section of the TEP noted below and described in detail in the staff report.

1) I-80 Ashby Interchange Improvements: add a specific reference to advancing, in the near-term, a bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing as an initial phase of the Ashby Interchange project.
2) I-580/I-680 Interchange Improvement Project: revise the project name of the I-580/I-680 Interchange Improvements project to include near-term safety improvements approaching and through the interchange.
3) I-880 Northbound HOV/HOT Extension from A Street to Hegenberger Project: remove the specific I-880 Northbound High Occupancy Vehicles/Toll (HOV/HOT) Extension from A St to Hegenberger project and replace it with a broader Central County I-880 corridor operational and safety interchange improvement program.

The 45-day comment period closes on March 11, 2024. Electronic comments can be submitted electronically to tepamendment@alamedactc.org, or by mail to the Alameda CTC office:

tepamendment@alamedactc.org, or

1111 Broadway, 8th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607

After the 45-day comment period, Alameda CTC staff will review and analyze the comments received and present the proposed amendment and comments to the Alameda CTC Planning, Policy and Legislation Committee for consideration and recommendation to the full Commission for action.

Cover of the 2014 TEP