Projects Incentivize Carpooling and Transit

"HOV Lane Ahead" Road Sign

Improvements on I-880, I-80 and I-580 support carpool and transit efficiency.

Three transportation projects funded by voter-approved measures will open in the next several months — all aimed at improving commutes in and through Alameda County.

Opening first is the new Measure B- and Prop 1B-funded I-880 Southbound High Occupancy Vehicle Lane, which opened October 20 — extending the existing carpool lane three miles further south from Hegenberger Road in Oakland to Marina Boulevard in San Leandro.

“It’s great that we can celebrate National Carpool Month by opening a new carpool lane in Alameda County,” said Alameda CTC Chair Supervisor Scott Haggerty. “Expanding the carpool lane network increases options for motorists by improving travel times for carpoolers and for transit buses, taking cars off the road and reducing traffic congestion. Carpool lane network improvements on I-880, I-580 and I-80 offer more fast, reliable options for motorists.”

The I-580 Express Lanes, opening in early 2016, will provide the first westbound carpool/express lane in the heavily congested Tri-Valley corridor between Livermore and Dublin, and add one new carpool/express lane in the eastbound direction. All I-580 Express Lane users are required to have a FasTrak® toll tag to use the lanes, and carpoolers will need FasTrak Flex® tag to use the lanes toll-free. It only takes two to carpool on the I-580.

These lanes will improve travel time reliability for corridor users and are complemented by the region’s carpool-matching programs, which provide support, matching assistance and incentives for vanpooling and carpooling at

A third project coming online shortly is the I-80 SMART Corridor Project, between the Carquinez and Bay Bridges. Integrating a network of electronic signs, ramp meters and other state-of-the-art elements, this project will enhance safety and improve travel time reliability in two of the top 10 most-congested locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Transit and carpooling will be especially supported with carpool- and bus-only lanes on on-ramps throughout the corridor. The I-80 SMART Corridor project is supported by State Prop 1B, Alameda County’s Measure B, Contra Costa County’s Measure J, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Transportation Fund for Clean Air and other state and federal fund sources.

Carpooling is also made easier by Alameda County’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program, which provides insurance for those who carpool or take transit — giving a free ride home in an emergency for those who have made the effort to avoid commuting alone in a car. Sign up today!

Links to additional transportation resources for commuters and employers are available at Alameda CTC’s Commute Choices website.

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