Interstate 880 Interchange Improvements (Winton Avenue/A Street)

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), will implement improvements at the Winton Avenue and A Street interchanges along the Interstate 880 (I-880) corridor.

Alameda CTC intends to initiate project scoping and environmental clearance for the interchanges concurrently to enable the project to pursue funding for subsequent phases as part of the project delivery. Project development for the subsequent phases and viable project phasing options will be determined based on the traffic analysis conducted during the environmental phase and potential future funding availability.

Proposed improvements include reconfiguring the I-880 interchange at Winton Avenue to provide direct access to the Southland Mall and implement Complete Streets features, and reconstructing the I-880/A Street interchange to widen A Street from five to six lanes and provide additional lane capacity for potential future freeway widening. Improvements will also involve modifying signals and reconfiguring intersections to improve truck turning maneuvers.

For total project cost and phase information, see the project Fact Sheets tab.
The I-880 Interchange Improvements Project aims to reconfigure the interchanges at Winton Avenue and A Street and implement complete streets features. The project intends to improve traffic operations, safety, and accessibility to the retail and commercial land uses at Winton Avenue and A Street. The project will also implement bike lanes and pedestrian friendly design at both interchanges, modify signals and reconfigure intersections to improve traffic flow, and improve weaving operations along the segment of I-880 between the Winton Avenue and A Street interchanges.

2019 Open House

A community open house was held on October 10, 2019 at Southgate Community Center in Hayward. See links to the meeting documents below.

Project Documents