Bicycling and Bike to Work and School Day Promotions

Alameda CTC encourages bicycling through promotional efforts and has collaborated on the county’s annual Bike to Work Day and Bike to School Day events, held in May of each year, by contributing funding to and co-managing a visual promotion that encourages bicycling in Alameda County.

Alameda CTC’s Annual I Bike Visual Promotion

The 2016 bike visual promotion was built off of the feedback and success of the past two years. The I Bike visual promotion, promotes bicycling as a safe and healthy transportation and commute choice. It includes ads showing bicyclists riding for a variety of trip purposes – work, shopping, health, and quality of life, including access to transit.  Since 2008, Alameda CTC has collaborated with Bike East Bay to develop and run ads from mid-April through May to correspond with the annual Bike to Work Day events. In 2016, the ads appear on buses, bus shelters, BART stations and ACE trains throughout the county.

I Bike Visual Promotion over the years:

Bike to Work Day Assessment

Over the course of two years, from 2010 through 2011, the Alameda CTC evaluated the effectiveness of the Bike to Work Day program and advertising campaign at encouraging people to not only bicycle to work, but to bicycle more in general. The final report was published in February 2012.

Bike to Work Day and Get Rolling Advertising Campaign Assessment Report