Measure BB Celebrates Third Anniversary

Since the passage of Measure BB in November 2014, significant transportation investments have been made to improve transportation and expand mobility options throughout Alameda County.

November 2017 marks three years since the passage of Measure BB and Alameda CTC is delivering projects and programs countywide.

“Since the passage of Measure BB in November 2014, significant transportation investments have been made to improve transportation and expand mobility options,” says Alameda CTC Chair Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Councilmember At-Large. “Enhancements to Alameda County’s transportation system have included upgraded and expanded BART service; increased reliability in bus service and expanded access to transit; investments to improve streets, roads and highways; and expanded safe walking and biking paths – as was promised to voters. Alameda CTC has received AAA ratings from Fitch and Standard and Poor and has 100% clean audits since inception – a testament to our fiscal accountability.”

Below are highlights of accomplishments, to date:

  • Upgraded and Expanded BART Service

The new South Fremont/Warm Spring station extends BART toward Silicon Valley by five miles and provides Alameda County commuters with a viable alternative to driving. Measure B, the predecessor to Measure BB, contributed more than one-third of the extension’s total funding.

  • Increased Reliability in Bus Service and Expanded Access to Transit

Expanding travel choices to accommodate our growing county is one of the cornerstones of Measure BB. East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is under construction. Once complete, it will provide more reliable and faster travel along the busy 9.5-mile International Boulevard corridor from downtown Oakland to San Leandro BART. Helping to expand access to transit, and further reducing congestion on local streets, is the Student Transit Pass Pilot Program. The program launched its second year in August, reaching 17,000 students with free and low-cost student transit passes to improve school attendance, reduce the burden of transportation costs on families and improve access to after-school activities and jobs. Under Measure BB, other Alameda County residents in need of transportation assistance, including seniors and people with disabilities, have benefited from a 100% increase in funding for paratransit since 2014. A recently completed paratransit needs assessment will inform future countywide investments.

  • Improved Streets, Roads and Highways

Fixing local streets and roads is a top priority for Alameda County residents, and more than 50 percent of Measure BB revenues are distributed to cities to repair local streets and roads. Additional improvements implemented in the last three years mitigate traffic on Alameda County streets by managing congestion along key corridors. The I-80 SMART Corridor integrates state-of-the-art technology for safer and more reliable travel, while on I-580 and I-680, Express Lanes provide more reliable travel times, improved traffic conditions, and incentives to carpool and use transit. A new three-lane overcrossing at 880 and 29th Avenue improves safety and traffic flow, and improvements to SR84 Expressway and the SR84/ I-680 Interchange are also in progress. Enhancements at the Port of Oakland are working to improve freight efficiency and reduced emissions from trucks idling in gridlock.

  • Expanded Safe Walking and Biking Paths

Expanded safe walking and cycling infrastructure funded by Measure BB empowers more Alameda County residents to choose these healthy, viable, and equitable transportation solutions. The next phase of the East Bay Greenway – from Lake Merritt BART to South Hayward BART – is under environmental review. The first segment, completed in 2015, provides critical pedestrian and bicycle access from 85th Avenue in Oakland to the Coliseum BART Station. Streetscape improvements and gap closures on major countywide trails increase access and quality of life for residents and commuters.

Alameda CTC is committed to the responsible stewardship of public funds and public accountability. An Independent Watchdog Committee reviews and reports on all Measure B and Measure BB expenditures. Alameda CTC has received 100% clean audits and Alameda CTC’s bonds are AAA-rated. In the coming years, Alameda CTC will continue to deliver the promises of voter approved transportation dollars, improving mobility and increasing travel choices to Alameda County and the region.

In addition to the many current investments, Measure BB funds serve to leverage key regional and state funding, including SB 1, which will be critical to closing funding gaps for many local infrastructure projects.

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