Citizens Watchdog Committee Releases Annual Report to the Public

Measure B Sales Tax Expenditures in Compliance with Expenditure Plan for 12th Year in a Row.

image of first page of watchdog committee's annual report to the public from 2014Alameda CTC’s Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) has released its 12th Annual Report to the Public, covering fiscal year 2012-2013 expenditures and CWC activities through July 2014. The report confirms that Alameda CTC’s audited income and expenditures were in compliance with specific caps, and the auditors identified no accounting concerns. It also provides an update on the delivery of voter-approved programs and projects funded by Measure B, Alameda County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements approved by 81.5 percent of voters in 2000.

“The CWC is responsible for providing independent oversight of Alameda CTC’s Measure B sales tax dollar expenditures. Doing so not only provides an important fiscal review of a large county expenditure but provides an additional demonstration to Alameda County voters and businesses that Measure B delivers on its promise,” says Citizens Watchdog Committee Chair James Paxson. “The CWC’s annual reviews and analyses play an important role in ensuring that Measure B funds are spent in accordance with the measure, and I am pleased to report Alameda CTC’s full compliance with Measure B requirements for the 12th year in a row.”

The Citizens Watchdog Committee was created in 2002, after reauthorization of the local sales tax measure in 2000, to represent the different perspectives of taxpayers throughout the county and to review all Measure B expenditures on projects, programs and administration for compliance with the Expenditure Plan. Approximately 60 percent of the sales tax revenues, net of administrative funding, funds programs, and approximately 40 percent, net of administrative funding, funds capital projects. One of the committee’s responsibilities is to issue an annual report to voters and taxpayers on the sales tax fund expenditures.

Read the August 26, 2014 Press Release.
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