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Comprehensive Investment Plan

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) is responsible for the planning, programming and allocation of local, regional, state and federal funding for transportation improvements throughout Alameda County. The investments approved by Alameda CTC result in a wide range of transportation improvements and services that facilitate safe, efficient and accessible travel for all types of transportation in all areas of Alameda County.

The Comprehensive Investment Plan brings the long-range and countywide plans into the near term by focusing on investments over a five-year programming and allocation window. The purpose of the CIP is to facilitate strategic programming and allocation of all fund sources under Alameda CTC’s programming responsibilities. This includes funding from federal, state, regional and local fund sources such as the Surface Transportation Program (STP)/Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program (CMAQ), Transportation Fund for Clean Air Program (TFCA), local sales tax measures and vehicle registration fee programs.

To streamline programming of these funds sources, the CIP considers all available fund sources through a consolidated funding program that prioritizes, evaluates and recommends funding to critical transportation infrastructure and operations needs that build and maintain the county’s transportation system.

Comprehensive Investment Plan

Previously approved CIPs:


In Fall 2016, Alameda CTC initiated a call for project nominations for its 2018 Comprehensive Investment Plan (2018 CIP). The 2018 CIP will program funding anticipated for fiscal years 2017-18 through 2021-22, including Federal One Bay Area Grant Cycle 2 (OBAG 2) funding.

2018 CIP Call for Projects Materials


2018 CIP Application Workshop

Program Guidelines and Resources