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MacArthur Transit Hub Streetscape Improvements


To help meet demands and improve Alameda County's transportation system, Alameda CTC develops planning documents that guide transportation development and funding decisions.

Countywide Transportation Plan

The Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) is a long-range policy document that guides decisions and articulates the vision for the County’s transportation system over a 25-year planning horizon. It lays the groundwork for an investment program that is efficient and productive. The plan serves as Alameda County's input to the Regional Transportation Plan.

In May 2016, the Commission adopted the updated Countywide Transportation Plan.

Transportation Expenditure Plan

In January 2014, Alameda CTC adopted a detailed 2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan, which responds to the county’s continued transportation needs and will be funded by Measure BB which was approved by voters in November 2014. Measure BB, the local sales tax for transportation that spans 2015-2045, will generate nearly $8 billion over 30 years for essential transportation improvements in every city throughout Alameda County. See Transportation Expenditure Plans for more information about the 1986 and 2000 Measure B plans.

Key Planning Efforts

Alameda CTC is currently implementing its Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans, Congestion Management Program and Priority Development Area Investment and Growth Strategy. Alameda CTC is in the process of developing a Countywide Goods Movement Plan, Countywide Multimodal Arterial Plan, Countywide Transit Plan and updating the county’s Community Based Transportation Plans that will help the agency optimize investments in the transit system and identify any other actions the agency can take to improve transit service throughout the county. The agency hosted five transportation open houses in February and March 2015 about these new plans. For more information about Alameda CTC's key planning efforts, see below.

Alameda CTC also conducts special studies and manages planning programs, as needed.