Countywide Transportation Plan

Every four years, Alameda CTC prepares and updates the Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP), the long-range planning and policy document that guides future transportation decisions for all modes and users in Alameda County. The existing CTP, adopted in 2016, is scheduled to be updated by 2020. The CTP informs and feeds into the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS), the region’s long-range transportation plan called “Plan Bay Area.”

Alameda County has been developing CTPs since 1994. Starting with the 2012 CTP, the CTPs have become increasingly multimodal and integrated with land use planning. Each plan horizon is set to be consistent with the long-range RTP/SCS, which will be the year 2050 for this update.

The 2020 CTP will continue supporting multimodal and integrated planning and will look into the future as with the other CTPs. Particular emphasis will be the articulation of a set of projects, programs and policies that Alameda CTC and its partners will pursue over a 10-year horizon. In this way, the CTP will be able to more effectively inform project and funding decisions in the near-term while setting up policy direction to address any uncertainties in the long-term. Development of the 2020 CTP started this spring and will continue through summer 2020.

Recent Plan Milestones:

Adopted Vision and Goals

In September 2019, the Alameda CTC approved the vision and goals for the 2020 CTP. These vision and goals largely re-affirm the vision statement from the past two county plans and introduce a streamlined list of four goals that advance the following aspirations for Alameda County:

  • Accessible, Affordable and Equitable
  • Safe, Healthy and Sustainable
  • High Quality and Modern Infrastructure, and
  • Economic Vitality

Adopted Vision Statement:

Alameda County residents, businesses and visitors will be served by a premier transportation system that supports a vibrant and livable Alameda County through a connected and integrated multimodal transportation system promoting sustainability, access, transit operations, public health and economic opportunities.

Initial Solicitation for Projects and Programs

At its core, the CTP includes transportation projects and programs that move the County toward the vision and goals. In September and October, Alameda CTC collected a list of transportation projects and programs from partner agencies that reflect Alameda County’s transportation needs through the long-range horizon of 2050. This is the first step to crafting the 2020 CTP. The final roster of projects and programs developed by Alameda CTC and its partner agencies will be responsive to engagement with Commissioners, partner agencies and the public.

Upcoming Plan Milestones:

  • Technical assessment and plan development: on-going through July 2020
  • Engagement with Commission, ACTAC: on-going through plan adoption October 2020
  • Discussions and surveys with Alameda County residents: fall 2019, spring 2020, summer 2020
    • (note: timeframes are tentative)