Countywide Transportation Plan

Draft Final 2020 Countywide Transportation Plan (2020 CTP)
(Updated November 12, 2020. This document does not reflect the Planning, Policy and Legislation Committee (PPLC) action. The Final CTP will be updated with final Commission action.)

Draft Final 2020 CTP Project Lists

Revised Draft Final 2020 CTP Projects per PPLC action

Community-Based Transportation Plan

New Mobility Roadmap

All documents related to the November 2020 Alameda County Transportation Commission Agenda Item 10.1: Adoption of 2020 Countywide Transportation Plan and companion documents, Community-Based Transportation Plan and New Mobility Roadmap can be accessed through the links on this page. Note that Commission-adopted changes to the core recommendations, such as the 10-year project list, will be incorporated in the Final 2020 CTP.