Alameda CTC Receives an Infusion of $140.63 Million for the Sale of $124.03 Million Measure BB Senior Sales Tax Revenue Bonds (Limited Tax Bonds), Series 2022

In July 2022, Alameda CTC successfully sold $124.03 million par value in Measure BB Senior Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, resulting in $140.63 million of proceeds to advance projects funded by the Alameda County 2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan, after having received AAA credit ratings from both Fitch Ratings and S&P Global Ratings in May of this year. Alameda CTC Chair John J. Bauters and executive staff traveled to Boston and New York for the inaugural issuance of the sales tax revenue bonds as prescribed in the Bond Purchase Agreement.

“Alameda County’s economy is supported by a diverse and sustainable business base that enabled us to take advantage of a strong bond market, leveraging the agency’s strong financial standing and the award of the AAA ratings,” said Alameda CTC Chair, Emeryville Mayor John J. Bauters. “With the successful sale of these bonds, Alameda CTC will deliver local transportation projects quickly while keeping our promises to the voters.”

Press Release

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