Alameda CTC Elects New Chair and Vice Chair

Yesterday, Alameda CTC elected a new Chair and Vice Chair, Emeryville Mayor John J. Bauters and AC Transit President Elsa Ortiz, respectively.

“It is an honor for me to be elected as Chair of the Alameda County Transportation Commission,” says newly-elected Chair Bauters. “It is a great privilege to lead Alameda CTC in partnership with my colleagues to deliver safe, accessible, sustainable, equitable, and multi-modal transportation programs and projects in Alameda County. I look forward to working closely with regional, state and federal agencies to leverage our local Measure BB funds as we advocate for resources to support the effective delivery of projects and programs throughout our County.”

Chair Bauters has several priorities for the upcoming year, some of which are:

  • Expansion of multimodal infrastructure that prioritizes the safety of all users and advances Vision Zero policies and strategies
  • Investing in active transportation, with a focus on eliminating the High Injury Network across the county and reducing speeds to protect communities
  • Improving multimodal transportation options for historically underserved communities to increase access to goods, services, jobs and education and result in a more equitable transportation system
  • Advancing implementation of zero emission technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our climate
  • Support for integrating transportation and land use planning and investments to encourage sustainable development and support communities

Newly elected Vice Chair Ortiz shared that she is “… excited to collaborate with my colleagues as Vice Chair, moving forward transportation projects and programs that benefit residents and businesses in Alameda County.”

Alameda CTC implements the voter-approved Measures B and BB, as well as the Measure F vehicle license fee to improve transportation throughout Alameda County.

Newly elected Chair Bauters and Vice Chair Ortiz

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