Alameda CTC Adopts Its First Race and Equity Action Plan (REAP)

Alameda CTC adopted its first Race and Equity Action Plan (REAP) at its December 1, 2022 Commission meeting. Alameda CTC has a long history of addressing equity across programs and policies; the REAP establishes equity efforts in all departments and includes actions that implement Alameda CTC’s equity statement across the agency’s diverse functions and workplan.

The REAP includes 43 actions, representing opportunities for enhancing agency activities to highlight a renewed emphasis on equity, as well as new areas of action for the agency. Alameda CTC is committed to building upon existing agency functions that are rooted in racial and socioeconomic equity with the intent to enhance and expand this approach for new efforts.

Across these actions, this first REAP will do the following for Alameda CTC:

  • Initiate development of several guides and training for staff, notably Project Managers, on inclusive engagement, Title VI and Language Assistance measures, equitable capital project development, and equity assessments in plans, projects, and programs.
  • Elevate the importance of equity and inclusive engagement in Alameda CTC funding decisions, legislative advocacy, express lanes operations, and the Alameda CTC capital program.
  • Enhance contracting outreach and training for small, local, women and minority owned businesses, including community-based organizations.
  • Continue to support professional training on diversity, equity and inclusion and the staff-led Culture and Engagement Committee to increase staff inclusivity through teambuilding activities.
  • Continue to utilize ways to minimize bias in recruitment and hiring such as through diverse outreach for open positions and diversity in hiring panels.
  • Support further equity enhancements to Alameda CTC-led programs such as Safe Routes to Schools, Affordable Student Transit Pass, Travel Demand Management, and Paratransit.

Next steps—Alameda CTC staff will work to implement the recommended actions throughout 2023 and conduct the first annual progress report to the Commission in early 2024. For more information on the REAP, visit the agency’s Equity Initiatives webpage.