Update on Measure B/BB and Vehicle Registration Fee Direct Local Distribution Programs Compliance

Direct local distribution (DLD) fund recipients are required to submit Audited Financial Statements and Compliance Reports to Alameda CTC that summarize the prior year’s expenditures, accomplishments and fund balances. Annually, Alameda CTC’s Independent Watchdog Committee (IWC) reviews these detailed compliance reports that inform the public for accuracy and compliance with voter-approved 2000 Measure B and 2014 Measure BB transportation expenditure plans.

In March, Alameda CTC staff held its annual Measure B and Measure BB Audit Report and Program Compliance Review Workshop to assist the Independent Watchdog Committee (IWC) members during their review process of fiscal year 2017-18 reports. Alameda CTC presented its findings to the Commission in June 2019 as a part of its Annual Program Compliance Report. Program compliance information is available on the Alameda CTC website. The IWC will review and release its 17th Annual Report to the Public on these projects and programs in summer 2019.