Since 2000, transit operators have used Measure B program funds to operate countywide mass transit services, including local and express bus services, and ferry services. The passage of the Measure BB in November 2014 augmented and extended transportation funding for transit operators through 2045.

Alameda CTC distributes transit-related Measure B and BB funds as Direct Local Distributions to the following operators:

Approximately $55 million in Measure B and Measure BB Direct Local Distributions are provided annually to these transit operators for service operations, fixed route services and fleet and infrastructure maintenance.

Program Summary

  • The use of these allocations is determined at the local level.
  • Recipients include five transit agencies supporting transit within Alameda County.
  • Funds support transit operations including fixed route services, ferry operations, rail services and transit and fleet maintenance activities.
  • Funds are distributed by formula dictated in the 2000 Measure B and 2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan (Measure BB).

In addition to the Direct Local Distribution funds, transit operators may also compete for Measure B discretionary transit grants through the Express Bus Service Grant Program as another source of Measure B operating funds to local transit operators. Measure BB supports innovative grant programs that are directed toward emerging transit projects, including implementing programs that increase the use among students and other riders.

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