Interstate 880 is Changing: Gearing Up to Open Express Lanes in Fall 2020

Changes are coming to your drive on Interstate 880 (I-880). This Sunday, May 31st, work crews will begin new striping configurations on I-880 in Alameda County as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and California Department of Transportation gear up for opening the new express lanes this fall between the City of Oakland in Alameda County and the Santa Clara County line.

This five-week project will result in significant changes for drivers in the I-880 corridor that include the addition of double white lines (which cannot be lawfully crossed) in several segments, dashed lines in others and the creation of new merge lanes in select locations.

For details on the work being done and where to enter and exit the lanes once the work is completed, see the MTC press release, which includes a video that explains how to follow the new striping rules.

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