I-680 Express Lane Celebrates Second Year

Nearly 800,000 solo drivers have used the lane and travelled 10-15 miles faster than motorists in the general lane.

calaveras express lane digital sign above freeway“The number of daily trips on the Express Lane has exceeded our expectations,” says Scott Haggerty, Sunol Smart Carpool Lane Joint Powers Authority and Alameda CTC Vice-Chair.

An ever increasing number of drivers are choosing to travel in the southbound I-680 Sunol Express Lane, as the two-year anniversary of the Express Lane opening approaches. The Express Lane admits toll-paying solo drivers in addition to carpoolers (who use the lane at no cost), which optimizes capacity and increases travel time reliability.

Since the southbound I-680 Sunol Express Lane opened on September 20, 2010, nearly 800,000 solo drivers have reached their destinations by traveling at speeds that are typically 10-15 miles per hour faster than motorists experience in the general purpose lanes during peak commute hours, without impacting carpooler drive times.

For more information about this innovative congestion management solution, read the press release or visit the I-680 Express Lane website.