EnCompass Academy Wins the 2022 Golden Sneaker Award

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) honored the City of Oakland’s EnCompass Academy at its April 28 Commission meeting as the top 2022 Golden Sneaker Award winner, presenting them with the Platinum Sneaker Award.

The Golden Sneaker Contest is a popular annual tradition where students in schools throughout Alameda County are encouraged to shift their modes of travel and reduce their carbon footprint while also promoting a safer and more active environment. Classrooms at each school with the highest rate of active and shared travel win a Golden Sneaker trophy. The ultimate prize, is the Platinum Sneaker Award, presented to the classroom with the highest participation in all of Alameda County.

This year’s contest mobilized over 15,000 students at 80 schools throughout Alameda County into active travel for their trip to school by way of walking, rolling (scooter, skateboard or wheelchair), bicycling or taking transit.

“The entire Commission applauds the effort that EnCompass Academy students and faculty put toward the Golden Sneaker Contest,” said Commission Chair Bauters, Mayor of Emeryville, CA. “They’ve raised the bar for all of Alameda County, and I look forward to seeing other schools rise to the challenge next year.”

This year there are two winning classrooms at EnCompass Academy— Ms. Coffield’s kindergarten class and Ms. Sokol’s 3rd grade class, tied with 99 percent participation! These two winning classrooms will be sharing EnCompass Academy’s Golden Sneaker trophy this year.

And special thanks go to EnCompass Academy’s Safe Routes champion Dana Turner and school principal Minh-Tram Nguyen for bringing the Safe Routes Program and this wonderful event to their school!

The annual contest is organized by the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools Program and funded by Alameda CTC with support from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

EnCompass Academy - 2022 Golden Sneaker Award Winners

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