Connecting Transportation, Housing and Jobs: Multimodal Corridor Projects Under Development

Alameda CTC has two major multimodal arterial corridor projects under development that build off of prior countywide planning efforts: the San Pablo Avenue Corridor and East 14th Street/Mission Boulevard and Fremont Boulevard Multimodal Corridor projects with the intent to support transportation investments that enhance the housing and jobs planned for these corridors.

The East 14th Street/Mission Boulevard and Fremont Boulevard Multimodal Corridor is currently in the final stretch of the scoping phase. Five public workshops were held in fall 2019 along the study corridor, providing community members an opportunity to give feedback on the proposed long-term vision, and on near- and mid-term improvements.

The 2040 Vision for the corridor includes:

  • Implementation of bus-only lanes from San Leandro to South Hayward, and
  • Deployment of rapid bus service from South Hayward to Warm Springs in Fremont

The vision for bicycle facilities includes:

  • Extension of the East Bay Greenway from San Leandro to Fremont, and
  • Construction of Class IV lanes in the project corridor end-to-end

And the project also includes mobility hubs to facilitate:

  • Robust first-/last-mile connection
  • Improved micro-transit service in south county, and
  • Intelligent Transportation System technology to manage speed and improve safety in the study area

The San Pablo Avenue Corridor project engaged in various forms of public engagement last year to gather feedback on three conceptual alternatives for the corridor. The outreach effort was extensive, including:

  • An online survey
  • Four public workshops
  • Intercept surveys
  • Pop-up events held throughout the corridor
  • Focus groups with seniors/people with disabilities, transit riders, merchants and bicyclists

Currently, both project teams are working on additional technical analyses to address public and agency feedback with the aim of identifying alternative concepts that would be most viable for advancement to optimize multimodal mobility, efficiency and safety for current and future multimodal corridor users and support economic development throughout the county.