Alameda CTC Celebrates Decade of Progress

On April 26, 2012, the Alameda CTC marked a decade of transportation gains made possible by Measure B, which 81.5 percent of Alameda County voters passed for a second time in 2000. The Alameda County half-cent transportation sales tax has generated over $956 million to upgrade and expand the county’s transportation system. It has helped to reduce congestion and improve mobility and access through investments in highways, streets, transit, walking and bicycling safety, as well as expand transportation options for seniors and people with disabilities.

All of the projects, approved by voters, have set a course to bring Alameda County’s transportation system into the 21st century, and to enrich the lives and mobility of residents and businesses. Read more in the press release about these transportation improvements that continue to create jobs and prepare Alameda County for future population growth.

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