Alameda CTC Awarded $22 Million for Phase 2 of the I-80/Gilman Street Interchange Improvement Project

In June, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) was awarded $22 million by the California Transportation Commission (CTC) to complete the I-80/Gilman Interchange Improvement project’s Phase 2, which is anticipated to begin construction in the fall of this year.

This more than $70 million project, supported by state, federal and local funds, includes a bicycle/pedestrian overcrossing and two roundabouts at the Gilman Street interchange on I-80 in west Berkeley near the Albany city limits. Phase 2 of the project includes installation of the two roundabouts, which typically result in a 90 percent reduction in fatal accidents according to the Federal Highway Administration, replacing left turns and reducing turning conflicts. Phase 2 also includes the Bay Trail gap closure, new signaling at Gilman and Fourth Streets and Union Pacific Railroad/Gilman Street crossing improvements and signal interconnect.

Phase 1, which includes the bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing began construction in late May of this year. With construction of Phase 2 underway in the fall, completion of this project is anticipated in 2023.

These CTC investments allow Alameda CTC to continue the advancement of safety and accessibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists in Alameda County.

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