Alameda CTC Announces $11.5 Million in Paratransit Grants

Last week, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) approved $11.5 million dollars in grants to 14 Alameda County nonprofit and government agencies providing paratransit programs for older adults and people with disabilities. The grants will support transportation services that improve users’ access to services, further coordination between existing programs, and address gaps in our transportation system. Funding for the awards is made possible through the 2014 voter-approved Measure BB transportation sales tax.

Last week’s action provides funding over a five-year period beginning with the 2024-2025 fiscal year and is designed to provide a regular opportunity to address transportation needs that cannot be addressed through existing services. The grants will support projects and programs such as travel training which teaches participants how to travel independently on public transit and trip planning to navigate frequent trips; volunteer driver programs; wheelchair accessible transportation and more. The grants also invest in capital improvements and vehicle/equipment purchases that directly support projects and programs that serve older adults and people with disabilities.

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