Alameda County Transportation Commission Executive Team

Tess Lengyel

Tess Lengyel
Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Lengyel is the second person to lead the Alameda CTC, managing an overall annual budget of over $500 million and a staff of 37 full-time employees.

With almost 30 years of experience in the planning, development and implementation of major transportation projects, Lengyel has led some of the most complex and challenging projects and programs at Alameda CTC. She strategically collaborated to successfully develop Alameda County’s $8 billion, 30-year Transportation Expenditure Plan, Measure BB, approved by 70.76 percent of voters in November 2014 and directed development of the agency’s first Comprehensive Investment Plan. She also led the agency’s short and long-range transportation planning, early project development, programs development and delivery, legislation and government affairs.

Patricia Reavey
Deputy Executive Director of Finance and Administration

As Deputy Executive Director of Finance and Administration, Patricia Reavey has built a focused team that has streamlined systems and implemented cost-effective methods to merge the two former agencies—Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority and Alameda County Congestion Management Agency—ensuring accountability, transparency and internal controls. She has brought transparent annual financial reporting standards to the Alameda CTC in its Annual Financial Report, which has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada for the past seven years, and issued the 2000 Measure B’s inaugural debt in the amount of $137 million at significant savings to Alameda CTC, receiving a AAA rating for the agency in the process. Reavey brings over 32 years of experience to Alameda CTC and approximately nine years of experience prior to Alameda CTC as Director of Finance for SamTrans, Caltrain and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority. She also worked for 14 years in private industry before moving to the public sector. Reavey holds a bachelor’s degree in finance/accounting and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of California.

Gary Huisingh
Deputy Executive Director of Projects

As Deputy Executive Director of Projects, Gary Huisingh is responsible for project delivery and oversight of Alameda County Transportation Commission’s (Alameda CTC) $3 billion capital program and programming of the various fund sources administered by the agency. He brings over 28 years of experience, from both local government and private sector, ranging from major transportation and residential development projects to maintenance and redevelopment projects. He has extensive experience in eminent domain proceedings having served as an expert witness on technical issues for public projects. Huisingh is a graduate of the University of California at Davis and is a registered professional engineer in California.

Carolyn Clevenger
Deputy Executive Director of Planning and Policy

As Deputy Executive Director of Planning and Policy, Clevenger oversees all planning efforts and programs implementation at Alameda CTC. Clevenger directs all short- and long-range transportation planning for the agency. Key planning initiatives include multimodal planning projects, passenger rail studies, goods movement and countywide plans. She also oversees implementation of programs such as the Affordable Student Transit Pass and Safe Routes to Schools programs, and the agency’s communications and legislative program. Clevenger brings nearly 20 years of experience including work at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. She holds a master’s degree from New York University and an undergraduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Alameda CTC Staff

Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Aleida Andrino-Chavez Associate Transportation Planner 510.208.7480
Angie Ayers Associate Administrative Analyst 510.208.7450
Lily Balinton Principal Financial Analyst 510.208.7416
Vivek Bhat Director of Programming and Project Controls 510.208.7430
Jeannie Chen Director of Finance 510.208.7452
E.W. Cheng Senior Administrative Analyst 510.208.7420
Seung Cho Director of Procurement and Information Technology 510.208.7472
Carol Crossley Associate Program Analyst 510.208.7454
Jhay Delos Reyes Senior Transportation Engineer 510.208.7469
Colin Dentel-Post Principal Transportation Planner 510.208.7474
Maisha Everhart Director of Government Affairs and Communications 510.208.7475
Vanessa Herrera Assistant Administrative Analyst 510.208.7429
Christine Lacsamana Senior Accountant 510.208.7447
Elizabeth Lake Associate Administrative Assistant 510.208.7401
Queenie Lau Accountant 510.208.7443
Vanessa Lee Clerk of the Commission 510.208.7436
Kate Lefkowitz Associate Transportation Planner 510.208.7471
Ericka Leiva Accounting Technician 510.208.7455
Angelina Leong Assistant Transportation Engineer 510.208.7427
Chris Marks Associate Transportation Planner 510.208.7453
Shannon McCarthy Assistant Program Analyst 510.208.7489
Patrick Melgar Associate Administrative Analyst 510.208.7491
Yoana Navarro Accounting Manager 510.208.7431
John Nguyen Principal Transportation Planner 510.208.7419
Trinity Nguyen Director of Project Delivery 510.208.7441
Krystle Pasco Associate Program Analyst 510.208.7467
Alastair Powell Associate Administrative Analyst 510.208.7412
Elizabeth Rutman Director of Express Lanes Implementation and Operations 510.208.7483
Joy Sharma Director of Project Delivery 510.208.7407
Christine Shin Assistant Administrative Analyst 510.208.7449
Cathleen Sullivan Director of Planning 510.208.7484
Ashley Tam Associate Transportation Engineer 510.208.7459
Jacki Taylor Senior Program Analyst 510.208.7413
Denise Turner Associate Program Analyst – Program Coordinator 510.208.7461
Kristen Villanueva Principal Transportation Planner 510.208.7457