Local Streets and Roads Programs

2000 Measure B and 2014 Measure BB both fund local transportation improvements throughout Alameda County. Recipients of Local Streets and Roads Direct Local Distributions include 14 cities and Alameda County. As flexible funding sources for recipients, Measure B and Measure BB can be used for transportation priorities determined locally that include streets and roads improvements, bicycle/pedestrian enhancements and transit-related projects.

Annually, Alameda CTC distributes approximately $50 million in Direct Local Distributions for local transportation improvements. Direct Local Distributions are based on a formula of population and road miles and are used broadly for local transportation needs. Improvements funded include pavement rehabilitation programs, sidewalk repair programs, streetscape improvement projects and street maintenance programs.

Program Summary

  • Annual Allocation for Measure B and Measure BB Direct Local Distributions is approximately $50 million.
  • The use of these allocations is determined at the local level and can fund a variety of transportation improvements.
  • Recipients include 14 cities and Alameda County.
  • Program funds local streets and roads improvements and includes funds for Alameda County bridges: Park Street, High Street and Fruitvale Avenue.
  • Funds are distributed based on population and road miles monthly.

Capital improvements for surface streets and arterial roads

During the first Measure B (1986 – 2000) over $208 million were distributed in local streets and roads funds to all Alameda County cities and to the County overall, to maintain local thoroughfares in good condition. Approximately 22.34 percent of the Measure B net sales tax funds, administered by Alameda CTC, are allocated to local jurisdictions for streets and roads.