Take the Step into Life Challenge!

Arrive at your health goals and your destinations – walk more for one month with the Step into Life Challenge! Try this simple four-week program to find new ways to walk more and enjoy life:

Week 1: Walk for fun.
Walk to the park or on a regional trail. Try a self-guided nature trail, visit a museum or your local library. Find walking maps and resources.

Week 2: Walk with a friend or family member.
Catch up with a friend while taking a stroll. Walk your child to school. Find a regular walking buddy and meet your step goals together.

Week 3: Walk to local destinations.
Walk to the store, to nearby appointments or to the mailbox. Almost half of all trips are less than one mile (1 mile = a 15- or 20-minute walk).

Week 4: Walk with a group.
Take a historic walking tour in your city. Sign up for a charity walk and you’ll have a goal to motivate you to stay active. Find walking groups.

Track Your Steps

Monitoring your progress is a great way to get started with the Step into Life Challenge! See how many steps you can take and plan walking routes on your computer or mobile device.