Level of Service Report

Prepared biennially during even number years, the CMP requires that level of service (LOS) standards be established and monitored on the CMP-designated roadway system. LOS is a measure of driving conditions and vehicle delay. The objectives of this monitoring effort are to:

  • Determine the average travel speeds and existing LOS.
  • Identify roadway segments in the county that are operating at LOS F or are heavily congested.
  • Identify long-term trends in traffic congestion on the CMP network.

2018 LOS Monitoring Report

The 2018 LOS Monitoring Report is coming soon.

2016 LOS Monitoring Report

The 2016 LOS Monitoring Report is available below, as well as the Executive Summary and the individual chapters and appendices.

Previous LOS Monitoring Reports

Validation Report on the Use of Commercial Speed Data for Alameda CTC LOS Monitoring