Funding Solutions: Senate Bill 1

Senate Bill 1: Road Repair and Accountability Act

In April 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. This landmark funding program increased the gas tax, diesel tax and vehicle registration fees to invest approximately $5.4 billion annually in state and local roads, goods movement, public transit and active transportation programs. Here in the County of Alameda, SB 1 alone will generate over $480 million for road repairs and maintenance over the next 10 years, providing funding to every city, the county and transit operators.

SB 1 provides funding for every community to rehabilitate, repair, and maintain local streets and roads, make critical, life-saving safety improvements, repair and replace aging bridges and culverts, reduce congestion and increase mobility options including for transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The impact of funding for each city, the County and transit operators are shown on these fact sheets on SB1 (see page left).

SB 1 also supports projects currently funded by Measure BB – a measure approved overwhelmingly by Alameda County voters and is anticipated to generate over $8 billion for essential transportation improvements in every city and throughout the County. Measure BB has served as a down payment to attract regional, state and federal funds to deliver projects that support local jobs and the economy. The following projects could be funded with SB 1 funding, also summarized in this fact sheet

Funding Safeguards

Proposition 69, which was approved by voters in June 2018, ensures that all SB 1 funding is secured for transportation and cannot be used for other purposes. SB 1 establishes an independent Inspector General appointed by the Governor to oversee programs to ensure all funds are spent as promised and to report annually.

Proposition 6: Puts Project Funding at Risk

A measure to repeal SB 1 through a constitutional amendment will be on the November 2018 ballot as Proposition 6. If successful, this proposition will:

  • Eliminate SB 1 funding sources and reduce transportation funding in the cities, Alameda County and throughout the state
  • Require legislation to submit any measure enacting specified taxes or fees on gas or diesel fuel, or on the privilege to operate a vehicle on public highways, to the electorate for approval
  • Potentially lower future transportation tax revenues

Alameda CTC took a unanimous oppose position on Proposition 6 at its July 2018 Commission meeting.