Vehicle Registration Fee

The Measure F Alameda County Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) Program was approved by the voters in November 2010, with 63 percent of the vote. The fee will generate about $11 million per year by a $10 per year vehicle registration fee. The collection of the $10 per year vehicle registration fee started in May 2011.

The goal of the VRF program is to sustain the County’s transportation network and reduce traffic congestion and vehicle-related pollution. The program includes four categories of projects:

  • Local Road Improvement and Repair Program (60 percent)
  • Transit for Congestion Relief (25 percent)
  • Local Transportation Technology (10 percent)
  • Pedestrian and Bicyclist Access and Safety Program (5 percent)

Alameda CTC will distribute an equitable share of the funds among the four planning areas of the county. Geographic equity will be measured by a formula, weighted 50 percent by population of the planning area and 50 percent of registered vehicles of the planning area. See the program expenditure plan.

Vehicle Registration Fee Audited Financial Statements and Program Compliance Reports are available here.

Direct Local Distributions

Alameda CTC manages the following three local fund sources and makes monthly direct local distribution payments to local jurisdictions and transit agencies for transportation improvements.
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