Countywide Transportation Plan Development—Crafting a Transportation Future

The planning effort for the Alameda County Transportation Plan (CTP) is undertaken every four years to describe near- and long-term countywide transportation priorities. Plan development involves assessment of travel needs within, through and originating from the county, as well as beginning a gaps analysis, assessing how well existing and proposed transportation projects meet those needs and engaging in public outreach.

The 2020 CTP reaffirms the vision from the past two CTP’s and introduces a streamlined list of four goals.

2020 CTP Vision

Alameda County residents, businesses and visitors will be served by a premier transportation system that supports a vibrant and livable Alameda County through a connected and integrated multimodal transportation system promoting sustainability, access, transit operations, public health and economic opportunities.

2020 CTP Goals (adopted in September 2019)

  • Accessible, Affordable and Equitable
  • High quality and Modern Infrastructure
  • Safe, Healthy and sustainable
  • Economic Vitality

Despite the current health crisis, Alameda CTC continues to move the CTP planning process forward, reaching out virtually with partner agencies in Alameda County during focused meetings in each of the four planning areas of the County in April. These meetings covered initial project and program recommendations for inclusion in the CTP for each planning area and identify policies that will best position agencies to effectively address major travel needs over a 10-year horizon.

The development process of the CTP will actively engage the Alameda County Technical Advisory Committee, the Alameda CTC Commission and the public. Our outreach processes scheduled with the public this summer are being revamped to ensure compliance with the Alameda County Public Health Department’s Shelter in Place Order and to offer a variety of methods to engage. Release of draft plan policy guidance is anticipated in summer 2020, and the final CTP is scheduled for adoption in fall 2020.