Commute Options

Whether you live or work in Alameda County, or just commute through, there are many travel options and incentives that help you commute efficiently. Together, they help reduce demand for solo driving and parking.

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“I absolutely LOVE my commute. Riding my bike in the morning is wonderful. It’s just far enough to work up a light sweat and then I get on the bus where I am able to relax and read my book. I don’t worry about the traffic and there have been many times that I’ve looked up from my book surprised that we’re already at my stop. I get to work refreshed and relaxed. In the evenings, I either ride to BART, or if I’m just not in the mood or it’s too dark, I can put my bike on the rack of four different local bus routes to get home from BART.” – Neal McCarthy

Neal works in Alameda County and is a participant of the Guaranteed Ride Home program, a free commuter insurance program, available for anyone who works in Alameda County.

Plan Your Commute

Active Transportation


Public Transit

  • Ferry (providing service from Alameda and Oakland to/from San Francisco)

Alameda CTC seeks to address congestion and parking challenges by reducing and managing demand for driving and parking, and influencing travel choice.

By providing many travel choices, we reduce vehicle trips, congestion and vehicle emissions, while improving mobility, accessibility and the efficiency of our local and regional transportation networks.