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Sustainable Communities Technical Assistance Program

The Alameda CTC Sustainable Communities Technical Assistance Program (SC-TAP) offers local jurisdictions on-call consultant expertise primarily for projects that are located in priority development areas (PDAs) or growth opportunity areas (GOAs). SC-TAP is intended to enable implementation of local complete streets policies, transit supportive land use projects, or bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects.

The technical assistance provided by SC-TAP includes:

  • Feasibility studies for pedestrian, bicycle and trail, and circulation projects.
  • Support for public outreach to plan and implement complete streets policies including assistance for downtown specific planning.
  • Technical assessments of parking amenities and park-and-ride facilities.

Complete SC-TAP Projects

SC-TAP Projects

Project Title

                         SC-TAP Project Description

Total Grant Funds

Central County

Cities of San Leandro and Hayward and Alameda County Central County Complete Streets Implementation

Development of tools to support Central Alameda County jurisdictions in implementing adopted complete streets policies including design guidelines, checklists, implementation work programs, and staff trainings. $290,000

City of Hayward
Hayward Downtown
Specific Plan

Project development for a Hayward Downtown specific plan and a Multimodal Access Plan, including associated environmental impact reporting.


City of San Leandro
Downtown Parking Management Plan

Development of a strategy to better manage parking supply and demand to facilitate future land use and development objectives for the downtown.


East County

City of Dublin Iron Horse Connectivity to BART Feasibility Study

A study to identify opportunities for safe crossings and trail improvements for the Iron Horse Trail from Dougherty Rd. to the Dublin/ Pleasanton BART Station.


City of Pleasonton Feasibility Study for Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridges

A study to identify methods to better connect the extensive system of trails adjacent to waterways with bicycle and pedestrian bridge crossings. 


Tri-Valley Cities and LAVTA Integrated Transit/Park-and-Ride Study

A study to evaluate existing park-and-ride facilities in the Tri-Valley and determine where new park-and-ride lots would be most successful.


North County

City of Alameda Clement Avenue Complete Street Corridor

Development of a conceptual streetscape design for a bikeway along Clement Ave. to provide route linking to/from Alameda to Oakland and Fruitvale BART.  


City of Albany
Citywide Parking Study

A study to examine the existing parking conditions and develop a strategy for managing parking to better support the city's land use objectives.


City of Albany Kains St. and Adams St. Bicycle Facility Study

A study to evaluate the type of bicycle facilities, including contra-flow bicycle lanes, suitable for implementation along Kains and Adams Streets in Albany.


City of Emeryville Horton St Bicycle and Complete St Design Project

Development of a plan to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety, including traffic calming and speed reduction of vehicles on the Horton Bicycle Boulevard. 


City of Oakland
Bikeway Network 2.0

Bikeway design for four major bike corridors in Oakland including development of a methodology to streamline the analysis for future road diet projects in Oakland.


City of Oakland
Downtown Circulation Study

Development of a Comprehensive Downtown Circulation Plan to analyze future traffic in consideration of significant new planned developments. 



The SC-TAP was designed to be consistent with One Bay Area Grant Program requirements per the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Resolution 4035, as well as with MTC’s PDA Planning Program and the Association of Bay Area Government’s FOCUS Technical Assistance Program.

For more information, contact Matthew Bomberg, Associate Transportation Planner, (510) 208-7444,