Alameda CTC’s New Chair and Vice Chair

Alameda CTC’s new Commission Chair and Vice Chair were unanimously elected during the first Commission meeting in 2020—City of San Leandro Mayor Pauline Cutter and City of Emeryville Councilmember John Bauters, respectively.

Chair Cutter outlined several priorities for 2020 and beyond that include:

  • Advancement of high profile multi-jurisdictional, multimodal corridor improvements
  • Improving transit options throughout the county to provide a reliable and connected system
  • Ensuring safe mobility options for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Pushing forward rail safety improvements in partnership with other agencies, importantly the Countywide Rail Safety Enhancement Program
  • Expansion of model educational and supportive programs like Safe Routes to Schools and the Affordable Student Transit Pass program
  • Closing gaps in our trails network
  • Expansion of express lanes

Chair Cutter, a member of the Commission since 2012, said, “It is an honor to lead Alameda CTC in partnership with my colleagues, as we continue to drive forward transportation excellence with acclaimed projects and programs throughout Alameda County.”

“Thanks to the voter-approved Measure BB, we are able to leverage those local dollars to support multimodal transportation infrastructure in Alameda County, including to improve mobility and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, and enhance and support transit service, while also providing programs to our youth and seniors to make our county more livable and affordable,” noted Vice Chair Bauters, a Commission member since 2018.

chair cutter and vice chair bauters
Alameda CTC’s newly elected Chair Pauline Cutter and Vice Chair John Bauters