Alameda CTC Commits to Ongoing Delivery Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

While we face a global and economic crisis during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Alameda CTC and staff are forging forward with project development and delivery to keep promises to voters and support economic recovery while working remotely. In early March, the Alameda County Public Health Department issued a Shelter in Place Order due to the current coronavirus pandemic, at which time Tess Lengyel, Executive Director of Alameda CTC, instructed all staff to work remotely for the safety of our employees and the communities we serve. In late April, the Shelter in Place Order was extended through May 31.

As Alameda CTC adjusts to the changes required due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency continues to prioritize efforts related to funding essential services throughout the County, including the delivery of these upcoming construction projects:

The State Route 84 (SR-84) Widening and SR-84/Interstate 680 (I-680) Interchange Improvements project in Sunol and the City of Pleasanton will conform SR-84 to expressway standards between Ruby Hill Drive and the I-680 interchange; improve SR-84/I-680 interchange ramps; and extend the existing I-680 southbound express lane northward by two miles. This is the final segment of a nearly 10-mile stretch that connects I-680 to Interstate 580.

The Interstate 80 (I-80)/Gilman Interchange Improvement project in the City of Berkeley will reconfigure the I-80/Gilman Street interchange to improve traffic operations and safety for motorists through the interchange, as well as provide facilities that improve access for pedestrians and bicyclists. Construction on this project will include a pair of roundabouts at the interchange and a new pedestrian and bicycle overcrossing over I-80.

The 7th Street Grade Separation East project will replace the existing railroad underpass on 7th Street, which serves as a key access point into the Port of Oakland. The project will increase clearance for trucks, improve traffic operations and reduce congestion and provide a shared pedestrian and bicycle pathway.

The I-880 Replacement Planting at Davis Street and Marina Boulevard project will plant trees and other vegetation at the Davis Street and Marina Boulevard interchanges in the City of San Leandro. This planting is part of the Alameda CTC sponsored I-880 Southbound High-occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane – South Segment project. Alameda CTC will advertise, award and administer the construction of this project. Construction for planting on this $3.2 million project, funded by the City of San Leandro and Alameda CTC-administered funds, is scheduled to begin in summer 2020.

For additional project details, visit our Projects web page.

Alameda CTC staff continues to develop projects, conduct transportation planning, programming, and programs implementation to ensure we contribute to the economic recovery needed for our communities throughout the County. Additionally, the Commission is working with agency partners, in particular transit operators, to support their funding needs during this pandemic. The agency will continue to hold Commission meetings, albeit remotely. Details on public participation can be found in the meeting packets on Alameda CTC’s Meetings web page.

As we move through this COVID-19 crisis, please know that we at Alameda CTC are continuing our commitment to transportation operations, development, mobility and jobs.