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Complete Streets Policy Development Resources


  • National Complete Streets Coalition
    • Comprehensive site with definition of complete streets; fundamentals; FAQs (for both complete streets and its implementation); 17 fact sheets on complete streets and other areas such as costs, children, rural areas, and gas prices; and much more.

Existing Laws and Requirements for Complete Streets

Policy Development

  • Elements of an ideal complete streets policy (National Complete Streets Coalition)
    • Lists ten key elements and a short description of each
  • Complete Streets Local Policy Workbook (National Complete Streets Coalition)
    • Step-by-step guide, with key questions to answer, for developing a local policy
  • Complete Streets Policy Analysis 2011 (National Complete Streets Coalition)
    • A best practices document for developing complete streets policy language. By analyzing over 350 adopted policies in the U.S., the Coalition has a clear idea of the language that creates effective and meaningful policies that then lead to implementation. The document lists recommended policies from around the country and provides hyperlinks to those that are the strongest under each of the ten elements of an ideal complete streets policy.
  • Model resolutions, ordinances and findings for Complete Streets (ChangeLab Solutions)

General Plan Updates

Workshops and Presentations


Other Resources

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Note: This resource list is a working document and will be updated as additional information becomes available. To suggest additional resources, please send us an email.