Walking Groups and Organized Walks and Runs

Maps and Self-Guided Walks

Explore Alameda County and beyond on a self-guided walk. There are many great walking routes, paths and self-guided tours around Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay Area. Find a walk that interests you and start exploring today!



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    • Many local walks are listed on MapMyWalk.com
    • Urban Outings is a feature on sfgate.com highlighting great walks in the Bay Area
  • Walking Groups

    Find a walking group near you, and you’ll have a regular time and place to walk. Create your own walking group with a walking buddy and support each other’s commitment to walk regularly.

    Organized Walks and Runs

    Community walking events include scheduled nature hikes, cultural walks, fun runs and walks, fundraiser walks and other community outings. Here are just a few to get you started.





    Bay Area Walking Event Highlights

    Listings of Walking and Running Events