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Community Voices

Arianna Vaewsorn

Mar 31, 2015 at 6:49pm

  Arianna Vaewsorn works for Alameda County’s Public Health Department. She travels all around the county visiting clients and attending public meetings – and does so without owning a car. She uses BART, AC Transit, her bike and a county car (electric or hybrid) for all her transportation around Alameda County. Read more ...

“Living within a couple miles of work allows me to bike or walk to work every day, which I love!” says Arianna. “Getting a little exercise before I actually get to my office helps me be more awake and focused when I arrive.

I work for a great Alameda County Public Health program that serves young people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. This program has units all over the county where I meet with clients. We have offices in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Fremont, West Oakland, East Oakland, Fremont, and Livermore. I also often have many meetings with program partners in Berkeley, Oakland, and Hayward. I bike to all my meetings in Oakland and Berkeley, and I use a combination of BART and my bike to nearly everywhere else.

I love using public transportation for ease and for environmental reasons; but in addition to that, I find that having various commute options such as public transit and cycling in the different regions of Alameda County gives me a better understanding of the communities my clients live in. I get to see more of their neighborhood conditions, accessibility to outdoor spaces and recreation, their accessibility to BART and bus stops and public green spaces. Taking public transit helps me understand our communities better, and it makes me a better provider.”

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