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2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan on November Ballot as Measure BB

Sep 15, 2014 at 12:10pm

The detailed 2014 Plan - Measure BB on the November 2014 ballot - will expand BART, bus and commuter rail, keep fares affordable for seniors, youth and people with disabilities, provide traffic relief, improve air quality, and create good jobs within Alameda County. Learn more.

At its January 23, 2014 meeting, the Alameda County Transportation Commission unanimously approved the 2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan, which responds to the county’s continued transportation needs and will be funded by Measure BB which will come before voters on the November 2014 ballot. Measure BB would generate nearly $8 billion over 30 years for essential transportation improvements in every city throughout Alameda County. 

This Plan will:

  • Expand BART, bus and commuter rail for reliable, safe and fast services, including BART expansion and improvements within Alameda County, bus service expansion and commuter rail service improvements.
  • Keep fares affordable for seniors, youth and people with disabilities, including affordable senior shuttles, vans and services that help keep seniors independent, and critical funding for student transit passes to ensure youth can affordably get to school. It also funds reliable and inexpensive transportation for people with disabilities.
  • Provide traffic relief, including funds to every city in the County to repave streets, fill potholes and upgrade local transportation infrastructure. It also invests in aging highway corridors to upgrade on and off ramps, using modern technology to manage traffic and improve safety. 
  • Improve air quality and provide clean transportation by reducing pollution using innovative technology and expanding bike and pedestrian paths, and BART, bus and commuter rail expansion and operations.
  • Create good jobs within Alameda County by requiring local contracting that supports residents and businesses in Alameda County.

Strict accountability and performance measures ensure delivery. The 30-year Plan includes strict accountability measures to ensure all $8 billion for County transportation improvements are spent on approved projects. It requires open and transparent public processes to allocate funds, annual independent audits, an independent watchdog committee made up of people who live in Alameda County and annual compliance reports distributed to the public that detail costs and how specific performance measures are met.


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