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Community Voices

Jenny Shu

Oct 9, 2014 at 5:36pm


Jenny Shu loves the choices provided in Alameda County for her commute. She rides her bike and takes BART to work in the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland nearly every day, now that BART allows bikes onboard at all times. Read more ...

Jenny is also happy about the variety of options for crossing the bay. “Last year, I had the opportunity to ride the ferry for the first time.  I love the quiet commute and the views are fantastic.  A few months ago, I had to be in Oakland with my bike very early on a Sunday and neither BART nor the ferry was running, so I took AC Transit across the bridge for the first time.  It left on time and the bus driver was great.”  

You may have seen Jenny featured in our I Bike Ads this past year, encouraging biking for convenience, health, easy parking and community. One of her favorite places to bike is on Mandela Parkway.  “I love the straight shot to West Oakland BART and the bike path is wide and well-marked,” she says. “The car traffic is generally quiet so it sometimes feels like I have the road to myself!”

 And she had the chance to ride on the new Bay Bridge bike path a few months ago “I loved being able to see the bridge from another perspective and at a slower pace.  I rode on a Sunday so the Port of Oakland was very quiet and I also had a chance to ride around and explore the roads around the port.”

 Read about how taking your bike on BART (and bike parking at BART Stations) here.  Learn about the variety of commuting options in Alameda County here. 

By providing many travel choices, we reduce vehicle trips, congestion and vehicle emissions, while improving mobility, accessibility and the efficiency of our local and regional transportation networks. 

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